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Social Listening
Connects you to the
Voice of Your Customers

Harness Data Analysis Tools for Winning Insights

Social Listening

Connect to the voice of the market with DataXploit's Social Monitoring. Your customers are telling their friends and social network...Like/Don't Like? Get fast feedback from the marketplace through our reports – Delivered to your Inbox!

Marketing ROI can be gauged by consumer engagement. Our reports help you monitor social engagement, giving you a read on the impact of media campaigns. Engaged customers spend more!

How DataXploits Social Listening works:

Select a few keywords that you want to monitor; your company name of course, brand or product names, hashtags you are promoting…even competitors. We scrape data from the web – social media sources as well as news sites. The data is compiled into summary charts, accompanied by details on each mention: source, text, sentiment and clickable links so you can join the conversation.

Social Listening

Analytic Services

Put your hard-earned data to work, providing intelligence on your business. Data-driven, machine-learning, artificial intelligences are the buzzwords... We'll be your Data Science group to harness these tools.

Tap into the insights hidden in your order history, CRM / trouble ticket database, or product mix data. Satisfaction feedback, competitive pricing analysis, profitability by client/sector/geo - All can guide decisions that accelerate sales growth.

How DataXploits Data Analysis works:

Select an analysis topic from our menu that will be valuable for your business, or devise a custom analysis.

Projects are engagement-based - you provide the question and the data set compiled through your business activities; we data mine with statistical/machine learning tools to surface insights. Analyses come to you as informative graphics with a summary of the conclusions.

Analytic Services

Empower your business with analytics and social media data from DataXploits.

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About Us

DataXploits was created to bring the unique benefits of social commerce to businesses at an accessible price point.  Blending experience in the social commerce industry and data analytics depth, DataXploits brings you capabilities to understand your customers and to go deep with analysis that leads to strategic insights.

Founded by Jeff Jenkins in Austin Texas, a hotbed of social commerce advances and data science, we help clients nationwide employ front-line social monitoring tools and accelerate the evolution of their products and services.


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